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My Portfolio: Print Ads

Viewing these files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, If you don’t already have a copy, you can download the latest version FREE from Adobe’s site (link will open a new window).

Magnalite Professional ad

Magnalite Professional

This is the ad the client finally bought. See the ad we wanted to do below.

File size: 128 kb.

Weber Gee Thanks

Weber “Gee Thanks”

A Christmas-time ad in women’s publications that helped clean out inventory.

File size: 257 kb.

Weber Gas Grills

Weber Gas Grills

The introductory campaign. I also named the grills, and the Flavorizer bar feature.

File size: 1.18 Mb.

Weber other products

Weber Outdoor Products

Two from a campaign of shelter book ads promoting Weber’s other outdoor products.

File size: 560 kb.

Smart Ones

Smart Ones

Yes, I’ve done frozen entrees (although this particular one never ran).

File size: 483 kb.

Hyster Forklifts campaign

Hyster Forklifts campaign

This campaign, done on freelance, won a BPAA award in 1990.

File size: 347 kb.

HON Sitting Ovation

HON “Sitting Ovation”

Part of HON’s focus on smaller businesses, this ad ran in places like Inc. and Nation’s Business.

File size: 351 kb.

HON Anywhere Chair

HON “Anywhere Chair”

A hugely successful new-product introduction. I also named the chair.

File size: 98 kb.

BCR - James Bly

BCR “James Bly”

The first in a successful ad campaign, this was also turned into a direct mail piece.

File size: 292 kb.

NEC E-Flex

NEC E-Flex

Actually, they could still run this ad today. I particularly like the themeline I created.

File size: 112 kb.

Caterpillar 944 Backhoe

Caterpillar 944 Backhoe

If you don’t know heavy equipment, read the copy; the headline will then make sense.

File size: 2.27 Mb.

Pitman-Moore Levasole Drench

Pitman-Moore Levasole Drench

Yes, I’ve done ag. And rather cleverly.

File size: 191 kb.

HON Honor Group trade campaign

HON Honor Group trade campaign

This campaign, like the HONOR Group itself, aimed at designer/specifiers, who had a low opinion of the stylishness of HON furniture.

File size: 958 kb.

Desktop Technology Group small space

Desktop Technology Group small space

Fun work in small space. I art-directed, desktop published, and even made the keylines.

File size: 123 kb.

Magnalite Professional - Till Death Do You Part

Magnalite Professional “Till Death Do You Part.”

This is my all-time favorite ad. I only wish the client had bought it.

File size: 111 kb.