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My Portfolio: Collateral

Viewing these files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, If you don’t already have a copy, you can download the latest version FREE from Adobe’s site (link will open a new window).

AB Dick

AB Dick Copiers

Client: A.B.Dick. Agency: Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago.

The cover and first spread of a 12-page brochure. (Yes, that is the actor Andy Dick.) Note a technique I often use in long brochures: The first spread is an executive summary; someone who merely approves the purchase need read no further. Subsequent spreads develop the major copy points in the first spread.

File size: 946 kb.


Barco Rotary Joints

Client: Barco. Agency: Communications Dynamics Corp.

Rotary joints are used to get cooling water inside the drums of big, high-speed printing presses. The four pages shown here prove they don’t have to be boring. (Four of six pages.)

File size: 1.41 Mb.

Weber other products


Client: Frisby Precision Manufacturing Company. Agency: Communications Dynamics Corp.

The front cover, first spread, and back cover of a 12-page “capabilities” brochure. (Yes, there is a headline on the cover. You just have to look for it.)

File size: 471 kb.

Smart Ones

Allied-Pickfords: Allied Distribution Services International

Client: Allied-Pickfords. Agency: Communications Dynamics Corp.

From a copy standpoint, this is what a 4-page brochure for a service should be: simple, direct, and to the point.

File size: 1.16 Mb.

HON Sitting Ovation


Client: Guernsey-Bel, Inc. Agency: Schulz-Patnaude, Inc.

The original request was for a capabilities brochure, and this is one. But it’s a lot more fun than the term “capabilites brochure” usually suggests. Interestingly, the client didn’t at all mind being portrayed as a company full of crazies and anal-retentives.

File size: 1.58 Mb.

HON Anywhere Chair

BCR Media Kit

Client: BCR Enterprises, Inc. Agency: direct.

One of the best media kits from my years of working with BCR. The cover headline became the themeline for all their other space sales efforts. To reduce the file size, I’ve presented only enough of the inserts to give you a flavor of the writing.

File size: 770 kb.