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There’s a Lot More Available on CD-ROM.

The work in the “Portfolio” section of this Web site represents what I think is my best work. It includes the samples I take with me to most first meetings when the prospect hasn’t specified a particular area of interest.

But maybe you’re looking for something different. Perhaps you want to know if I can write newsletters. Or sales training manuals. Or sell sheets. Maybe you want to know if I’ve ever worked on computer software. Or building supplies. Or retail.

All of that, and more, is in my Archives. And all of it (plus the work on this site) is available on my FREE CD-ROM—most at higher resolution than the web allows.

Browsing the CD-ROM is a lot faster than even the fastest Internet connection. And you can print the samples at a full 300 dpi, if you need to stick a few in front of somebody’s face.

Just fill out the form below and click “Submit” today. Or, you can always . I’ll get your CD-ROM to you as fast as snail mail permits.

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