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Fees, Terms & Conditions

  effective 2/8/2004
Off-Site Rates:
  • Hourly: $75.00/hour (2 hour minimum)
  • Large Project Rate: $65.00/hour (20 hour minimum)
  • Rush Surcharge: 20%
On-Site Rates:
  • Weekly: $1,500.00
  • Daily: $375.00 (2 day minimum)
Travel Charges and Expenses:
To meet with my client only, Chicago area: No Charge
To meet with client’s client or other third party, Chicago area: Applicable Rate
Outside Chicago area: Applicable Rate, 8 Hour Minimum
Mileage: No Charge
Other: Airfare or other transportation: Must be prepaid by client
Hotels, car rentals, etc.: Advance required if over $100
Meals, parking, incidentals: Billed at net
Computer and Software Charges:
CD-ROMs: $2.50, plus 15-minute charge to create
Software Conversions: Half hour min.
Outside Expenses:
Long distance phone, shipping, messengers, and all other purchases (e.g., research materials, art direction, clerical, equipment) for client’s benefit: Net plus 20%
Terms and Conditions:
  1. On-Site Rates are applicable only when I function as a temporary member of an agency's or advertiser's staff, working entirely at the agency's or advertiser's office.
  2. Large Project Rates may be applied by prearrangement to off-site jobs or combinations of jobs which will take more than 20 hours in total, which are picked up at the same time, and which are delivered within a one-week period.
  3. Rush: The rush rate is applied when less than 48 hours’ turnaround time is given, or when evening, weekend or holiday work is required to complete a project.
  4. Area: The Chicago area is defined as area codes 312, 773, 708, 847, 224 and 630.
  5. Terms: net 30 days from statement date. Statements are normally mailed the day work is delivered. In the interests of a harmonious working relationship, penalties are not applied to past-due balances under 45 days. HOWEVER, ON THE 45TH DAY, A LATE CHARGE OF 20% OF THE PAST DUE BALANCE WILL BE ASSESSED, AS PERMITTED BY ILLINOIS LAW. THE INTEREST RATE THEREAFTER IS 10% PER MONTH, ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE 120%.
  6. Method and Form of Delivery: Work shall be considered performed when a typescript is completed, and shall be considered delivered when sent, via facsimile, to client. Diskettes containing software conversions and/or original files, or modem transfers of original or converted files may be provided as described above. However, no warranty is made as to their fitness for use on the client’s system.
  7. Policy on Revisions: If the work, as delivered, fails to conform to a previously stated requirement of client, then those revisions necessary to correct the deficiency will be performed free of charge, provided that:
    1. not more than 48 hours elapse between the delivery of the work and notification by client that deficiencies exist.
    2. the client, if an advertising agency, shall not have submitted the work to its client for approval.
    3. not more than one set of revisions shall be performed without charge.
    4. All other revisions will be performed at the applicable rates.
  8. Copyrights: Copyright in all work shall be retained by N. Charles Henss, Jr., until all fees and late charges, if any, have been paid. When full payment is received, the work shall be considered a work for hire, and copyright shall pass to the client.
  9. Unless both you and N. Charles Henss, Jr., sign a specific agreement with other provisions, your verbal request that N. Charles Henss, Jr., shall perform services indicates your acceptance of these fees, terms, and conditions, and your agreement that any language on your purchase order or other document which conflicts with these provisions shall be null and void.
  10. The fees, terms, and conditions described herein are in effect from the date shown until such time as you are notified, verbally or in writing, of changes, or until a new version of this document is posted on this site.